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Tiny Yorkie Blessings wants to tell your yorkie tale of heroism and courage. We love the tale of Smoky, who served in WWII and became the first therapy dog on record. If you have a “yorkie tale” send us an email with details in 250 words or less and we will attempt to include it here. We are looking for tales of bravery, helpfulness, courage, and devotion to family with the usual yorkie sparkling personality.


Once upon a time in 1944 a tiny yorkie named Smoky won World War II! Well, almost. She was found in a foxhole in Papua New Guinea by U. S. Army Corporal William A. Wynne. He at first thought she was “some kind of poodle” no taller than his 7″ boots. He brought her back to his base where she curled up in his helmet.

She later went on to fly with him, parachute with him (leaping out of planes with the speed of light), and went to battle riding in a knapsack. She comforted solders in battle and in hospitals, carried communications lines though culverts and in places where soldiers could not safely go. She is credited with being the first therapy dog on record. There are six monuments to her military service in the
United States and another in Australia. Corporal Wynne recalls his time with Smoky in his book: Yankie Doodle Dandy.


Send us your yorkie tale and we will place it here. Stories should be about the unusual courage
and spunk inherent in the Yorkshire Terrier (yorkie) personality. Our email address is: [email protected]

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