Puppy Wellness

PUPPY WELLNESS is caring for a puppy’s health, training, and well-being. Included in puppy wellness is grooming, prevention of diseases, and training for both its safety and your happiness. When your teacup yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) goes home with you, it should have already received at least two and preferably three of a series of vaccinations required to protect your yorkie from common canine diseases. It is important that you take the puppy to your veterinarian for an exam and consultation to establish a “wellness” program.This initial consultation also sets up your warranty..

Most veterinarians recommend the vaccinations be given at six, nine, and twelve weeks of age. Some veterinarians recommend a fourth vaccination at sixteen weeks. We heartily recommend this fourth vaccination after sixteen weeks. Sometimes the earlier vaccines don’t have much effect and are offset by the immunity the yorkie receives from its mother, so this fourth vaccine will close any gaps that might exist. Laws require a Rabies vaccination be given at four months of age.

Your teacup will have been given medications to eradicate intestinal worms on a regular schedule. Your vet will recommend continuation of this schedule, including heartworm medications. It is important to remember that your teacup yorkie is not well immunized until at least after its third vaccination. The yorkie is therefore susceptible to diseases that it may be exposed to in pet stores, vet offices, and any situation where it will be around other dogs or where they have left fecal matter, such as dog parks. In addition, visitors to your home
may track in bacteria or diseases to which your family has not exposed it. A good idea would be to have family and guests remove shoes at the door.

YOUR VETERINARIAN IS YOUR BEST FRIEND IN CARING FOR YOUR PUPPY. Find a vet that takes emergency calls. Follow regular maintenance of vaccines and worming. Teach your yorkie to come when called. Keep your yorkie safely penned or cozy in your home. Tell your vet the truth about anything the teacup yorkie has been exposed to and about anything that has gone wrong. If your yorkie is ill and the vet prescrbes medication, follow the instructions exactly. He/she may instruct that a medication be given twice a day for 10 days, but your yorkie is feeling better after six or seven days. It is not okay to discontinue the medication when you see improvement. The condition can recur and frequently does when medication is not given for the full course.

Learn to appreciate your vet. Find a vet that takes emergency calls. Appreciate his /her skills and get their home telephone number. If your vet does not take emergency calls, find one that will if at all possible. Just as people sometimes require hospital emergency rooms, your teacup yorkie will likely experience at least one such necessity during its lifetime. You don’t want to be stuck with a vet that cannot help you.

Feed your yorkie nutritional food, follow regular wellness maintenance of vaccines and worming, especially heartworms, teach your dog to come when called, not to play in streets. Keep your yorkie safely penned or cozy in your home. Take the yorkie to your vet for at least annual exams. The yorkie is part of your family and should be treated as such.

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