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Dog owners in need of a Yorkie health consultation in Houston, TX rest easy knowing Tiny Yorkie Blessings is here to answer all of your questions and concerns. I am one of the area’s premier Yorkie breeders, specializing in teacup and teaspoon Yorkies that are generally sturdy dogs, but, like any custom breed, are prone to problems that an expert can help you identify and avert.

From advice on bathing and nail clipping, to more serious matters, such as puppy wellness, safety, and disease prevention and treatment, I have the experience with this breed to assess and address health issues, recommending veterinary care when necessary and advising you on what you can do yourself and how you can do it. Having the right information can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your puppy or dog’s health.

Hypoglycemia—an imbalance of expended versus stored energy—is a serious health concern for Yorkies. I can help you identify the symptoms of this affliction, which include (but are not limited to) fatigue, dizziness, and even staggering. I can help you prevent hypoglycemia with proper nutrition and feeding practices, and I can recommend treatment options and area veterinarians who can help.

To maintain a clean, strong, healthy Yorkie, it helps to have a professional Yorkie breeder with years of experience caring for these delightful dogs as one of your resources. Do not purchase a Yorkie without consulting with a breed-specific expert.

Reach out to me for a free consultation; you and your Yorkie will thank me!

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